Blue magma

70 x 25 x 35 

Blue magma is a side table that was created in the sand. It is made of jesmonite, a sustainable solvent-free material that can mimic any texture and can be pigmented with any colour. The capacity of replicating fine-grained details on the surface makes it highly interesting for sand casting.
Sand casting aligns with my approach in design, which is to find a process whose outcome cannot clearly be foreseen. The aim is to leave room to random factors that may affect the aesthetic of the object. Here, given that all properties of the sand cannot be considered (e.g., density, humidity, underground cavities), the process of sand casting is relatively unpredictable. After removing the object from the sand, I discovered ‘mushrooms’ on the legs and a plastic sheet that was buried deep in the sand. These elements reflect the environment where the object was born.